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Thinking of House Raising in Sudbury? Call Advanced Construction Today!

These days, house raising for Sudbury and surrounding area clients has become increasing popular. As one of the most cost effective and practical renovations techniques, homeowners throughout Canada and beyond have benefitted from house raising. At Advanced Construction, we have the skill and the experience to get your project done right. Whether you need a 6 foot basement raised to 8 feet, or flood protection, we’ll use wood blocks to support your home, which is a technique known as cribbing. For some, house raising is a much more convenient option when compared to purchasing a new home in instances such as:

  • New foundations: Homeowners who want to add a foundation can raise their structure and have a foundation poured. This will help to protect a home against natural flooding.

  • Expanding: If you love where your house is located and generally everything about it, but would like just a little more room, house raising may be perfect for you. Through house raising and pouring a foundation, you can increase your basement ceiling height, drastically enhancing your living space.

  • Crawl spaces: Some older homes are built with only a crawl space instead of a foundation. Homeowners now have the ability to raise their home and add a basement, which will give them more room and increase the property value.

For more information about what house raising can do for you and your situation, contact Advanced Construction today and schedule a free consultation.


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